If you’re a resident of House District 99, in unincorporated Norcross and Lilburn: consider signing this petition to get more resources to our underserved, diverse community. Residents are at zip codes 30047, 30084, and 30093. Check at openstages.org/find_your_legislator.

I routinely hear from HD 99ers: this part of Gwinnett County suffers from a relative lack of resources. That includes everything from proactive law and code enforcement presence, to address safety as well as health concerns like air and ground pollution, to accessible healthcare and economic resources.

If you want this to change, sign this petition. It will be delivered to the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, Police Department, Sheriff's Office, and Board of Registrations and Elections after 1,000 signatures have been collected.

WE are HOUSE DISTRICT 99: We as residents of District 99, in unincorporated Norcross and Lilburn in Gwinnett County, want more resources dedicated to underserved, diverse communities like ours. A community where:

  • 85+% are minorities

  • 50+% are immigrants (and 25% of households are limited English speakers)

  • 25% are at or below federal poverty levels (even though 80% of those in poverty are employed)

  • 40+% residents are uninsured (including 50% of people who are employed)

  • fewer than 40% of eligible voters voted in 2016 (compared to the 60% national average)​*

AS RESIDENTS OF HD 99: we thus support progressive policies that focus on "lives, livelihoods, and votes" – particularly of communities like ours. We support initiatives to:**

LIVES – Increase Proactive Involvement by Law and Code Enforcement:

LIVELIHOODS – Support Diverse Families, Businesses, and Communities:

VOTES – Ensure Fair Elections:

  • end voter ID & proof of citizenship laws

  • ensure the 2020 U.S. Census counts all people accurately

  • ensure that all eligible voters, including immigrant & minority voters in our district, can freely exercise their right to vote and have their ballots properly counted, inc. by having culturally friendly election officials and information

*Statistics from the 2017 American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau, and VAN.

**Adapted from platform of Marvin Lim, Democratic Candidate, House District 99: www.marvinlimforga.com/platform

Petition for HD 99 Residents:
We Want More Resources*

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*Zip codes 30047, 30084, and 30093. Check at openstates.org/find_your_legislator.