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Beyond our original Find Resources page, this Neighborhood page has original resources for the diverse neighborhoods of HD 98:

*available in other languages | disponible en otros idiomas | có sẵn bằng các ngôn ngữ khác

  • Emergencies & Crises: Prepare & Prevent: wide-ranging information on preventative health, mental health & substance abuse, firearms safety, estate & life planning, emergency planning, home safety, and information & privacy protection. *Related: Crisis Intervention Phrases, in English, Spanish, & Vietnamese. We also have a resource compilation called "What Should I Do When I Encounter..." which provides information on what to do when seeing someone in public who appears to be in crisis (e.g., disturbed, homeless, etc.).

  • Immigration: info from Delivering on the Dream-Georgia, including list of organizations and nonprofit legal service providers that support at-risk immigrant families, in English and Spanish.

  • *Homeowner Assistance Programs: in English and Spanish, a compilation of assistance programs for homeowners particularly in Gwinnett, covering property taxes, home purchase/mortgage assistance, housing rehab, water/plumbing, solid waste and recycling, internet/broadband, electricity (Georgia Power), and other sources for utility assistance.

For stories of 100+ HD 98ers in Norcross, Tucker, & Lilburn, visit our Instagram page.

Resource Mailer (2020): Emergencies & Crises
Resource Mailer (2020): Be A Good Neighbor | Talk to Your Neighbor
Resource Mailer (2020): Healthcare Advocacy/Costs
Resource Mailer (2020): COVID-19 Resources/Community Resources
Know Your Rights Guide
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